Friday, June 19, 2015

Review: Creed Virgin Island Water

Since it's been 90 degrees and humid enough for my hair to turn into an actual poodle (well, that and the undeniable, magnetic attraction that I have to tropical scents), I feel obligated to give the first review to Creed Virgin Island Water, as if it doesn't have enough of a cult following already. 


-Top: essence of copra (white innards of coconut), lime, white bergamot, orange
-Middle: hibiscus, ginger, ylang-ylang, jasmine
-Base: sugar cane, white musk, tonka

I held off on this guy for awhile, and when I finally decided to bite the bullet, I snagged a perfect bottle from a nice guy on eBay (please be cautious buying Creed on eBay). I can remember ripping into the package and whipping off the cap for a sniff, and faintly crinkling up my nose. From the nozzle, it didn't smell like the VIW that I'd sampled from my small vial, and for a long time I really wasn't sure what I was smelling, but as I'm writing this and continually sniffing my wrists and the nozzle, I think it may be dry, sour bergamot that I'm experiencing. 

Just sprayed, I'm overwhelmed by sweet, faintly floral limes, this is my favorite part of VIW. The coconut creeps in with a whisper, and the rum is a constant linger throughout the whole experience. It's worth mentioning that if you're looking for a super sweet, sticky coconut, this isn't your guy. VIW is fresh and breezy, with citrus as it's main contender. For the first thirty minutes, I feel like I'm on a white-sanded beach, with a cocktail in hand, coconuts in the palm trees, and a cool breeze blowing through. 

To expand more on the floral notes, they're sort of an afterthought to me. I know that they are there, and I think they contribute to the overall composition in an important and methodical way, but the lime and rum are the stars of the show here. However, I definitely get the sweetness from the sugar cane and tonka to round it all out.

The biggest downfall of VIW, is that thirty minutes is its peak. From that point on, you're on the other side of the really terrifying part of the rollercoaster, and the excitement will all be over soon. It slowly turns into the concoction that I first smelled from the nozzle, and eventually disappears completely. That wouldn't hurt so bad if it didn't retail for $175 for a 30ml bottle. But hey, it is a lavish tropical treat while it lasts. Side note: I've read multiple times that the intensity of each note in VIW can wax and wane depending on the batch.

Creed retails for $175-350, the noses behind the fragrance are Oliver & Erwin Creed

Longevity: 1/5
Projection: 2/5

WEAR THIS: summer, beach day (or to feel like you're on holiday), tropical vacation


  1. Krista, I'm so happy you did a blog, awesome review, keep them coming!

    1. Thanks Joseph! First comment, what a special moment! ;)

      Thanks so much for reading!