Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Review: Nicolai Parfumeur Createur Fig-Tea

This post will likely kick off a string of fig-based fragrance reviews. I can't help myself, there is something magnetic about figgy scents. It's sort of silly that the first fig fragrance I'm choosing to review, is probably one of the least figgy of so many fig-based formulas¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . In any case, let's dive in.

Top: fig, osmanthus, artemesia
Middle: mate, coriander, jasmine
Base: guaiac wood, amber

Fig-Tea (EDT) is very much a warm weather scent. For me, it's all about tea and herbal notes. I'm actually shocked that fig is even a proclaimed contributor; they're not even claiming fig leaf, they're claiming full-on fig. Maybe it's a very unripened fig? If you're expecting ripe, milky, creamy, dense fig, you'll be disappointed.

With the first full blast of Fig-Tea, I envision a tall, icy glass of Arnold Palmer (black tea and lemonade mixed). Once I've set aside my immediate vision and really take the time to focus on which notes I'm smelling, I realize that the artemisia is definitely stealing the top note show. No fig, no distinguishable osmanthus (that doesn't mean it's not lingering backstage). The top note show is very brief; the mid notes are very anxious to barge onto stage.

The mid notes are the longest act in this composition, and the real reason that I pick up on such a tea-vibe (hello, mate!), but there's something very strongly competing with the mate, which is 100% the coriander. The parsley-esque scent is so apparent, that when I press my nose against my wrist, I feel like I've just finished chopping parsley in my (very) tiny kitchen. Like the osmanthus in the top notes, jasmine must not have made the cut for the show, rendering her to the backstage crew (how many of us have been jasmine-d in life? heyyy high school cheerleading try outs). Amazingly, the bitter artemisia hangs on throughout the entire composition, and the base notes never fully come to fruition for me. Amber who? Woods what? Okay, maybe a HINT of wood.

I do appreciate Fig-Tea for it's light, refreshing quality; although I don't appreciate the disappearing act from the fig. I think that Nicolai Parfumeur's proclamation of love for fig has gone completely unrequited. This juice won't get you noticed, projection doesn't exist. It sits close to you, and helps keep you from feeling smothered on hot summer days. I have found, however, that layering this with one of my more beloved and fig-rich scents (something like L'Artisan Premier Figuier Extreme), adds a nice, sunny element that I've really enjoyed. As for longevity, it will faintly stick around for a few hours, but expect to reapply if you're interested in enjoying it for the entire day.

Fig-Tea is an EDT (I've also seen it listed as an Eau Fraiche), the nose behind this fragrance is Patricia de Nicolai, and it retails for $45-130

Longevity: 1/5
Projection: 1/5

WEAR THIS: for hot, humid, and casual days

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