Thursday, July 9, 2015

Review: Maria Candida Gentile Syconium

Fig lovers rejoice! Maria Candida Gentile's Syconium has absolutely slayed me. I can genuinely say that this was one of my best blind buys to date. Syconium is one of three new offerings from Maria Candida Gentile which are inspired by the orchestral piece 'Flight of the Bumblebee.' Each of the three scents shares a honey note.


honey, milk, fig, java sandalwood, beeswax

"Syconium is the ripening of the fig, the best expression of what nature has to offer in the form of the fruit, the richness of its flavour, and of the perfume that is brought to us by a tree close to us since the earliest times. Syconium explores the pulp, but also the milk, the peel, the scorching sun and the shadow of the great leaves."

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Syconium is a short journey, which doesn't mean that the journey ends once the end destination is reached. I mean that the trip from the top notes to the dry down happens very quickly. Syconium hides nothing, it's almost fully transparent from the start. I respect this. First spray yields a beautiful, honeyed milk; creamy, warm, clean. And before I can fully melt into the milky honey, my beloved, ultra ripe fig swoops in to steal my already enamored heart.

Next, a hint of beeswax begins to densify the scent a little more, while it all simultaneously becomes grounded on a slab of sandalwood. Here, it remains in its final, glorious state. Begging to be inhaled (and I succumb). I quite literally spend the rest of the day randomly breathing in my wrist, which is easy to do because this little baby lasts ALL DAY.

I'm really impressed with Syconium, it has instantly made its way onto my 'favorite fig-based perfumes' list. This is my first try with Maria Candida Gentile, and Syconium has made such a great impression that I'm nearly tripping over my own feet in an attempt to run off and grab everything she's created.

Syconium retails for $45-185, and it was created by Maria Candida Gentile

Longevity: 5/5
Projection: 3/5

WEAR THIS: nearly anytime, except when you want something sultry-sexy

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