Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Brand Overview: Pinrose

Pinrose is a relatively new fragrance venture founded by Erika Shumate and Christine Luby in San Francisco. Inspiration for Pinrose came from a desire to simplify the fragrance-shopping experience. They operate on the premise that perfume should be as multi-dimensional as the women who wear them; why have only one signature scent?

Pinrose currently offer 10 perfumes (3 past perfumes & an online exclusive scent also exist), which are available in 1oz bottles or as a petal — a sachet which includes one perfume-soaked wipe; nice for travel. A full set of petal packets retails for $24, and a 1oz bottle of perfume retails for $55.

The brand presentation is youthful and fun. The website functions with ease and has an energetic vibe. Upon arrival at the Pinrose website, you'll be prompted to take a synesthetic quiz which will take you through various colors, textures, photos, shapes, and sounds. Once completed, you'll be given a profile, with a few scent suggestions. This quiz function will also be available in store, on iPads; launching at Nordstrom in September 2015.

"Fragrance is best experienced when it is collected & varied."

Garden Gangster: Zest up the party with this invigorating and fresh citrus blend. Perfect for dominating lawn sports and tennis courts.

Notes: bergamot, lime, mandarin

Merry Maker: Radiate sunshine with this refreshing nectarine blend. Best worn when you need an extra skip in your step.

Notes: nectarine, plum, tonka bean
Pinrose: Captivate the crowd with this unexpected rose and leather blend. Perfect for tap-dancing your way to lucky breaks.

Notes: rose, clove, labdanum

Moonlight Gypsy: Conjure up some mystery with the enchanting notes of cardamom and orange blossom. Perfect for solstice parties in the forest.

Notes: cardamom, orange blossom, sandalwood
Treehouse Royal: Take on the day confidently with this elegant mix of fig and moss. Best worn when reigning with style and grace.

Notes: fig, jasmine, moss

Tambourine Dreamer: Exude effortless elegance with this avant-garde bouquet of white lily. Perfect for vineyard picnics and bottomless brunches.

Notes: ylang-ylang, lily of the valley, white musk

Cuddle Punk: Get cozy with this playful mashup of apricot and vanilla. Perfect for pillow fights and love bites. 

Notes: apricot, vanilla, cypress

Pillowtalk Poet: Slip into this fresh laundry mix of powder and musk. Perfect for days in bed when sweet nothings mean everything.

Notes: powder, amber, musk

Secret Genius: Melt hearts with this romantic blend of vanilla and caramel. Perfect for hatching plans and sneaking kisses.

Notes: vanilla, cedarwood, white chocolate

Campfire Rebel: Spice up any adventure with burning oud wood and vanilla bourbon. Perfect for sipping whiskey in the woods after the rest of the tent has gone to bed. 

Notes: whiskey, burning oud, vetiver

Pinrose perfumes are easy to wear and relatively light, making them a nice choice for young women who are new to the world of perfume, or for those who are craving something light and fun. The composition of all those that I've tried are simplistic and pleasantly blended. They've reached beyond the typical fruity-floral concoctions that are often marketed to young women, and managed to play with some of the more interesting and complex notes; they've done a nice job incorporating those notes into their offerings with a minimalistic hand.

Pinrose presents their use of a quiz and iPads at the point of sale, and the "try before you buy" philosophy as innovative, which is a bit misleading, as many companies (perfume brands or otherwise) have similar approaches. Regardless, I had fun taking the quiz and trying their scents. They certainly speak to a specific audience, which seems to be girls and young women (I noticed some of their scents being sold at Forever21 and Urban Outfitters, which sort of solidifies that). A person who has been sniffing around the world of perfume for several years may not find the Pinrose offerings challenging or intriguing enough to hold their attention.

I would have been absolutely smitten with a company like Pinrose when I was in middle school. And I do agree — as I'm sure most fragrance enthusiasts will — with their philosophy that fragrance is best experienced when collected and varied. Also, their notion that one should not have a signature scent is sort of in juxtaposition with the stereotypical Millennial (and Gen Z) as a whole; always looking for the next new and exciting thing, never fully committed to one thing. Overall, Pinrose is a fun choice for its target audience. They have lively, appealing packaging, and varied, uncomplicated scents.

Which do I find most interesting? Treehouse Royal (because fig, duh),  Moonlight Gypsy, & Campfire Rebel.

DISCLOSURE: product provided by Pinrose, images are from, scent descriptions & notes also from, opinions are my own

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