Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review: Byredo Pulp


bergamot, cardamom, black currant, fig, red apple, tiare flower, cedar, praline, & peach blossom

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Byredo has quickly become one of my favorite houses; beautiful, modern, and minimalistic. But Pulp is a little challenging, and opinions are starkly divided. Some folks smell a pleasant fruity-floral scent, while others smell rotting fruit salad. It certainly is unique. My perspective? The top is an effluvial burst of extremely pulpy, warm (verging on spoiled) orange juice that has been sitting on the kitchen counter for two days, with a small bowl of black currants sitting next to it. Very citric, sour, and nose-crinklingly tangy. Did I run to the sink to scrub my arm off with a Brillo pad? Au contraire mon ami. It was interesting enough that I wanted to continue smelling it…for science.

Eventually, mom comes home and dumps the spoiled glass of OJ into the sink; the smell of fermenting pulp starts to dissipate. The strange and slightly obnoxious top notes are challenged by their less offensive counterparts, all of which are near impossible to decipher individually (I suppose the apple is perceptible). Just know that there is a notable, subtle sweetening and grounding quality that is gained. At this stage, I really don't mind Pulp. I actually sort of like it. Unfortunately, soon after it's tamed it becomes a (albeit charming and likable) freshly-showered-with-fruity-shower-gel skin scent. Such a shame for something that begins so strong and loud. Pulp is certainly a scent that you need to try before buying, as demonstrated by the polarizing reviews.

Byredo Pulp retails for $110-220

Longevity: 2/5
Projection: 1/5


  1. For me it smells like a rotting fruit salad - and I love it... if I wear it while on a tropical vacation. Somehow outside of the hot and humid environment this perfume is too much.

    1. I so wish the dry down was strong and long-lasting on me. Bummer. What fun for a tropical vacation, like wearing a giant, invisible fruit hat. ;)