Thursday, August 6, 2015

Review: Huitieme Art Parfums Poudre de Riz EDP

Powdery notes, and notes that portray a powdery essence, have long been a source of olfactive ecstasy for me. I have to wonder if my mother over-powdered me as a child. I'll probably die in some powder-induced trance, following its fluffy scent trail. I can see the headlines now: 'In Hypnotic State, Woman Follows Scent of Powder Off Cliff.' Witnesses would say that I was drooling from the mouth and mumbling about talc. Yes, it's that serious. Enter Poudre de Riz. The moment I sampled it, I knew that a bottle would be mine. Just look at this note list...


damask rose, tiare absolute, coconut milk, vanilla, rice powder accord (caramelic, burnt toast and maple notes), sandalwood, iris, cedar, tonka bean, tolu balsam, & benzoin resin

"The air in the closed room was heavy with a mixture of odours: soap, face powder, the pungent scent of cologne". -Henri Barbusse, The Inferno, 1908

"This is the phrase from a novel by Henri Barbusse that inspired "Poudre de Riz", a fragrance for a deliciously amber embrace: the old-fashioned charm of an accord of 'Poudre de Riz' tinged with Rose Petals and the timeless sensuality of a Monoï infused with Vanilla Pods."

Poudre de Riz glides out of her cute 1950's home and through her white picket fence with a bouquet of sweetened roses, a pyrex dish of rice desert, and an iris bloom tucked behind her ear. Her lips are camouflaged with a perfectly applied, rosy lipstick. Coty's Airspun powder gives her a porcelain, cherub appearance from afar. She wears a baby-pink dress, belted with an ivory ribbon. Surely those at the dinner party will delight in her arrival.

The onset of rosiness in this cherubic babe fades into the backdrop rather quickly. The sweetness in Poudre de Riz builds in intensity during the first hour of wear, but it always plays as the seasoning on a powdery platter. The layers of sweet notes are no surprise, a glance at the note list is enough to put you into sugar shock. Initially, a caramel-y, vanillic, coconut milk is poured over a bed of sweetened rice, and adorned with a waxy tiare petal. And then…well…you've seen the note composition…all the tiers of sweetness meld so well, that I'd be lying to you if I said I distinctly smell each of them as they happen.

As it reaches its destination, it is no longer supplemented by more and more and more sweetness. Aptly laying off just before your teeth have the opportunity to ache. The overall vibe remains (sweet, fluffy, rice powder), but eventually, the saccharine-esque aggression is blunted by the addition of a mellow wood. It is here that it settles into its sophisticated groundwork. Long gone are the little girl's Love's Baby Soft, this is powder for a woman (but I still enjoy a good dousing of Baby Soft every now and then).

There is not a single moment during the Poudre de Riz experience that doesn't make me feel as though I'm floating on an actual cloud. With each inhalation, my head might as well be detached from my body, floating away with a gaggle of pastel-colored, helium-filled balloons. If Poudre de Riz were a color, it'd be ivory, or light pink. For this reason, I like it best while wearing something dark, with a vibe of badassery; black skinny jeans, heels, a leather jacket. Because contradictions are fun. The presentation has a similar feel: a fluffy, powdery, pastel dream, encased by a dark, heavy, matte bottle.

I could easily be lured to my death by the scent of Poudre de Riz. This juice has got all the charm of Ted Bundy. In wearing it, a subtle flick of the wind will have strangers in your trail breathing in your scent, and left to think about you for days. So, if a powdery aroma is what you fancy, you'd be hard pressed to find one which is more adorable or luxurious than this (and you might just find yourself craving a bowl of rice pudding as your skin soaks it in).

Poudre de Riz retails at $125 for a 50ml bottle, the fragrance was created by Pierre Guillaume

Longevity: 4/5
Projection: 3/5


  1. - a cleverly written, enjoyable review! I would probably "go ape" over this, depending upon the hierarchy of that sweet rice accord.

    1. I'm so happy that you enjoyed the review. I hope you do seek this one out for a sniff! xo, Krista