Sunday, August 16, 2015

Review: Imaginary Authors Yesterday Haze

Imaginary Authors' fragrances already come with their own endearing fictional author and story (which you can read here), but part of my enjoyment in writing about fragrance is the imagery I gain from personally experiencing a scent, and in turn, telling that story to you. With that being said, Yesterday Haze is the scent of a post-apocalyptic world. You may be thinking that this assessment is rather pessimistic. But here me out (I'm not here to bum you out!). Regardless of any unpleasantries that come with a fictional, post-apocalyptic world, there is beauty within it; as with all things. These beautiful moments, suspended within the doom of a post-apocalyptic world, would be scented by Yesterday Haze; a fragrance which is most captivating in sneaky, subtle wafts from warm skin.


fig, iris, cream, tonka, tree bark, walnut bitters, & orchard dust

It's been two and a half years since the world ended. Your hair is filthy, sprinkled with remnants of tree bark, as you emerge from the woods to enter a (once pristine) abandoned home. Furniture is dulled by a gloomy mantle of dust. In the kitchen you find a sealed bag of dried fig fruit and an unopened can of whipped cream; three years ago, this wouldn't have been such a treat. Dishes in the cabinets are immaculate, providing an eerie sense of nostalgia. You retrieve a plate, adorn it with your fig fruit and whipped cream prize. Pretending — if only briefly — that life is as it once was. You pull out a kitchen chair, blow away the blanket of comfortably resting dust from the surface of a wooden tabletop, and sit to enjoy your treat. Beams of light, which pour in through the windows from the desolate world, provide a hazy spotlight for breath-swept particles to put on a show… 

Yesterday Haze is some robust stuff. As I cut into a newly-received box, I could already smell its aroma radiating from the peanut shell bedding. Lucky for me, the scent was well contained within its shipping box, otherwise my mailman may have kept this for himself. This explodes with a brusque, iris-rubbed wood. Shortly after, a gregariously sweet and creamy fig glazes over the wood, offering a timely and complimentary companionship. It resides here for a significant amount of time, eventually adopting a dusty (and slightly bitter) walnut undercurrent. The dusty essence is mainly perceived in close quarters and — much like a warm embrace — is better felt than explained. I can only say that it is as satisfying as blowing the dust from an old book (or perhaps watching someone blow the dust from an old book, because, sneezing). 

If you were unsure in reading about Yesterday Haze, yes, it is a fig-centric juice. But don't pass this off as "just another fig fragrance," the elements that accompany the fig are what make it unique. During wear, this fragrance provides a strong presence. It makes sure you know that it's there, and I feel it, even when I'm not thoughtfully sniffing it out. But it's not too heavy, or suffocating. It would be a solid choice for the impending early autumn days; the air turning cool and crisp, but the asphalt still radiating with heat haze. Give Yesterday Haze a sniff if you're into fig fragrances, but your olfactory system is urging you to try something new.

… After a long day of searching for food and materials and celebrating your lucky treat, you emerge from the other side of the woods. Your hair is still full of tree bark, and your skin is veiled with ashen dust. You settle in under a night sky, which has every opportunity to express its little balls of luminous gas, no longer drowned out by the pollution of city lights. The world, quieter than you'd ever imagined, free from the constant hum of electrical sources that you'd never consciously acknowledged. You're no longer able to drown out your own thoughts with the noise of endless information via handheld devices, instead you pull out a scavenged book written by Lenora Blumburg and dream of a different time.

Yesterday Haze EDP retails at $85 for a 60ml bottle, the creator is Josh Meyer

Longevity: 4/5
Projection: 3/5


  1. This is my favorite review from you, I loved it, awesome, I love this fragrance from Imaginary Authors, great job!!!!!

    1. Thanks Joseph! Love that you loved the review! :)