Friday, September 11, 2015

First Impression: Tauerville Flash Scents

The month of September's (seriously, where has this year gone!?) Olfactif box brought the trio of Tauerville fragrances. It was my first time sniffing any of the Tauerville scents, and it was perfectly timed with Andy's new release of Incense Flash. Wonderful opportunity to give my first impressions, I thought.

Rose Flash 

My least favorite of the trio. Admittedly, rose is not my forte; I like it okay enough, but I'm picky. And I don't like my fragrances too sweet. Rose Flash is quite sweet, not as syrupy as Une Rose Vermeille — which I found insufferable for my tastes — but saccharine enough to put me off. If you like your roses candied, this may be for you.

Vanilla Flash

YUM. I detect tobacco instantly, and shortly after a sweet, vanillic bourbon. This reminds me very much of Le Couvent des Minimes, but sweeter. Vanilla-lovers who like their vanilla with a little more depth and intrigue will likely fancy this. I dig it.

Incense Flash

Freshly applied provides straight up L-E-A-T-H-E-R, then it fades into an incense-infused leather bag. Very dry. Smoky feeling. I like it most once it settles in, and I'm also curious about wearing this together with Vanilla Flash for a splash of sweetness.

Have you tried any of these scents from Andy Tauer? 

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