Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Review: Jo Malone Nutmeg & Ginger


nutmeg, ginger, cedar, sandalwood

Jo Malone Nutmeg & Ginger was the first fragrance of the Jo Malone house, and it is a brilliant example of linear perfection. Some days you crave a fragrance with a multidimensional itinerary, and other days you just need a break from olfactive complexities. Like most fragrances, Nutmeg & Ginger still begins with an overstated (although not unpleasant) blast, but almost instantly dissipates into what you'll be wearing for the duration of its molecular lifespan. It is a superb imitation of freshly grated ginger, crowned by warm and spicy nutmeg, and planted atop a muted woody base. It has the same simplistically uplifting vibe that I get from a classic cologne (think Aqua di Parma Colonia). It really is that easy. 

I've seen others liken Nutmeg & Ginger to aromatherapy. I can get down with that. It synergistically provides a calming and energizing affect when sniffed. Each time I inhale this, I sort of feel like I can close my eyes and pretend my stress doesn't exist. It's swept away and replaced with a brief moment of serenity (c'mon guys, a fragrance can't take away all your problems). Nutmeg & Ginger is rather seasonless, although most seem to favor it in the cooler months. This one is sticking around for the long haul in my wardrobe; I can't get enough.

Nutmeg & Ginger retails at $65 for a 30ml bottle, and $125 for a 100ml bottle, it was created by Jo Malone

Longevity: 2/5
Projection: 2/5

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