Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Review: Keiko Mecheri Bois de Santal

In 2015, I've taken a major liking to anything that reflects simplicity and minimalism. I listened to several minimalist-living audio books on audible, I pinned all home inspiration that reflected a clean and airy feel on pinterest, and I tried desperately to dump all the extra physical and emotional garbage that serves no purpose in life other than to contribute to stress and anxiety. I've even favored fragrance with a scent that resembles the way a Scandinavian home would feel. Moving into a tiny shoebox of an apartment is likely to blame for this desired lifestyle shift, and for the most part, I've been pretty unsuccessful in adopting the minimalistic lifestyle because I live in a home for mice…but it's a process! I have a vision! The one aspect that's easy to succeed in is seeking out perfume that feels minimalistic, and Bois de Santal is certainly a scent of minimalism. It still gets a story though…


sandalwood, osmanthus, ambergris, & tonka

Across a sunny meadow and into the opening of a shaded, but sun-speckled woods, a lover eagerly awaits their partner at a simplistically romantic self-set scene. A large stump, draped with a gauzy tablecloth, and adorned with a milk-glass vase of delicate flowers, acts as a table for sipping tea housed in a cutesy kettle and nibbling scones from a vintage pyrex plate. The lover — proud of their unconventional display of romance — waits and waits. With a furrowed brow, they shoot worried glances at the the time. In the distance, the sound of snapping twigs provides a jolt of hope, but the lover looks to find a single doe step out into the clearing instead. They lock eyes.

A charming and demure doe-eyed creature is born from an opening that resembles a rigid piece of floralized wood. Bois de Santal begins a little rough around the edges, but quickly softens into a beautifully refined slab of sandalwood, sweetened minimally by fruit-tinged florals and subdued tonka. A modicum of ambergris contributes a fuzzy factor that feels nothing short of soothing. The elements of Bois de Santal combine to provide a feeling akin to clean, powdered skin. Although I am mentioning powder (fear not, powder haters), I wouldn't describe it as a palpably powdery fragrance.

As time wears on, each layer of Bois de Santal stacks upon each other and then quiets to a comforting whisper. The Mysore sandalwood is characteristically creamy and intricate, and the perfume as a whole feels clean and refined. The more I experience the scent of sandalwood, the more I liken it to a mystical experience. I want to inhale it deeply. Breathe it in forever. Each time I've sniffed a delicious sandalwood-based fragrance, I'm sure my eyes have rolled back exceedingly far into my head. Bois de Santal is no exception. Wearing this feels, not like the jilted lover, but like the doe.

Bois de Santal EDP is $140 for a 75ml bottle

Longevity: 3/5
Projection: 2/5


  1. This was my first love from the Keiko Mecheri line and still my favorite. Not a lot of people are familiar with it, so I was glad to read your review. Bois de Santal is one that I reach for intentionally quite often, and it's also the one that I reach for when I'm not sure what to wear. Timeless, seasonless, occasionless. :)

    1. It truly is lovely! And you're right, it's easy to reach for when you have no idea what to wear. :)