Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Review: Laboratory Perfumes Gorse

Laboratory Perfumes was founded in London in 2011, the brand currently consists of four scents; Gorse, Samphire, Amber, & Tonka. The fragrances are available in 100ml EDT bottles and 250ml candles. The perfumes are designed to evolve over the course of wear as determined by the wearers personal chemistry. All four scents are marketed as genderless, made with natural oils, and inspired by flowers, herbs, and aromatic botanicals from around the world. I had a pleasant correspondence with Dorothy, and was surprised with an unbelievably generous package. I genuinely enjoyed three of the four Laboratory Perfumes fragrances (I wasn't into Tonka, but could understand how others would be). Today, before we completely lose sight of summer, I'm sneaking in a review of Gorse.


citrus, coconut, cardamom

Straight away, a strong blast of crisp, clean, citrus-drenched coconut grabs my attention. Soon after, the citric coconut is sprinkled with a hushed cardamom, giving Gorse just enough spice to keep it interesting. Here is where it rests; each of the notes exist peacefully with one another. It is rather linear, and like all four of the Laboratory Perfumes fragrances, Gorse is straightforward, easy to wear, and flawlessly blended. As you could imagine, this perfume is perfect for the summertime. You can drench yourself in it and never feel overdone.  

If I had to compare Gorse to another fragrance, it would undoubtedly be Creed's Virgin Island Water. It mainly represents my favorite part of VIW; the crisp, limey-coconut. Gorse isn't as heavily limed as VIW is, but they share a notable similarity. Overall, Gorse is an uplifting, refreshing, and clean fragrance. I don't think I can fairly proclaim it to be my favorite of the four Laboratory Perfumes scents, Samphire is beautiful; Gorse is a close second.

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Gorse retails at $95 for a 100ml bottle, you can learn more about LP here

Longevity: 2/5
Projection: 2/5

DISCLOSURE: product provided by Laboratory Perfumes, opinions are my own

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