Friday, October 2, 2015

Review: Byredo Gypsy Water


bergamot, lemon, pepper, juniper; incense, pine needles, orris root; amber, vanilla, & sandalwood

Gypsy Water is a perfume which is emblematic of a whisper. A secret; meant for you only. It's quiet — but lingering — and allows the wearer to slip slyly into the crowd. One does not always wish to beckon attention to themselves through the olfactory epithelium of strangers. This will not be a perfume that gets you noticed, it wants to be fostered and appreciated by its wearer only. Heated by their skin and inhaled directly when the desire to sniff it comes about. Come forth, you mysterious wallflowers.

Like a staticky, goosebump-inducing buzz in your ear, Gypsy Water opens with a prickly combination of juniper and pine needles, coupled with lemon reminiscent of Pledge furniture cleaner. Promptly after, the piney presence drifts away and is replaced by a timid orris root. From here, it passes off the orris root and relaxes into its pleasant base; a hushed, comforting, and well-tempered vanilla-amber, partnered with a peaceful sandalwood.

Gypsy Water is an uncomplicated composition with a short fragrance journey. It burns through its layers hastily, leaving you with its base for the majority of its wear. It is a chic and sophisticated perfume, whose most expressed notes are a soft-spoken vanilla and a minimalistic sandalwood. Gypsy Water's biggest complaint seems to be longevity, which I actually find is quite good in comparison to other's findings. I can still smell it several hours later, but it wears very close to the skin.

Gypsy Water EDP retails from $110-220, the nose behind this fragrance is Jerome Epinette

Longevity: 2/5
Projection: 1/5

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