Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review: Nicolai Parfumeur Createur Juste un Réve


coconut, apricot, jasmine, tuberose absolutes, sandalwood, & vanilla

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Just a dream. Never have I smelled a perfume with a name so appropriate. Ironically, I've discovered it at a time in my life which I've found myself frequently wondering if I'm dreaming, because things are just going too well (is that a thing?). The recent string of events I've experienced have been hauntingly surreal — in a beautiful way — which makes me question every outlook on life that I've ever had up until this moment. So, I'm staking my claim on Juste un Réve as the scent which will forever resemble the monumental turn of events in my life, because it only seems fitting…

Parfums de Nicolai has rapidly become a favorite house of mine, Patricia does hypnotic and dreamy  (pun intended) olfactive work, the kind which is easy, but not dumbed down or simplistic. Juste un Réve quite literally seduced me. I received it in a gift of samples from a fellow perfume-lover (Heyyyy Rita), who shares a mutual love of Nicolai Parfums. As I was going through the samples, I smelled a heavenlyyyy aroma oozing from the lot of samples, and I immediately turned into a savage trying to get to the source. Source found. Bottle immediately ordered. And so here we are.

Juste un Réve floats out in an atomized puff of whimsical tuberose and jasmine; the airiest infusion of tuberose I have ever had the pleasure of sniffing. Combined with coconut and vanilla, these overtly feminine florals are sweet and creamy with a — not too — tropical air. Juste un Réve begins to feel velveteen, almost as though the apricot skin were tactile; a soft, wispy fruitiness to keep this potion feeling ever mystical. This juice keeps its head in the clouds, even with the addition of a quiet sandalwood, nothing can ground this quixotic potion…and I'd have it no other way. 

The way the notes in Juste un Réve combine results in an airy, clean, and slightly powdery perfume. This is not like waking up from a nightmare, relieved that it wasn't reality. But it's like waking up from a utopian dream. A dream which is better than your reality. Waking up and whispering to yourself "It was just a dream," hoping that you'll return there in your next slumber. 

Juste un Réve can be purchased at $50 for a 30ml bottle

Longevity: 1/5
Projection: 2/5

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  1. I like your blog! Great post, I just recently tried a similar product that I received for free from perfumora.com. Will buy this one next time!