Monday, November 23, 2015

Subscription Review; Scent Trunk

Scent Trunk has a good group of people behind it, which makes talking about their service pretty easy. Jolisa did an awesome job curating my box this month, I enjoyed each of the three scents, which doesn't happen often! The subscription arrives with three samples, each with their own information card which details the scent description, notes, sillage, longevity, and best wear time. In addition, there is a card that includes the retail price for each fragrance, the country from which it originates, and information about the brand. AND, something I enjoy quite a bit is the inclusion of fragrance strips! Sometimes you don't want to spray it on yourself for the first test, so this makes it nice.

The 3 fragrances included in my box this month were:
  • Musc by Mona Di Orio
  • Diamond Jubilee Bouquet by Grossmith
  • Cotton Musk by Raymon Monegal
Short scent reviews after the photos...

Mona Di Orio; Musc
neroli, rose, angelica, heliotrope, tonka bean, musk

Musc is best described by a very clear adjective: adorable. Ultra feminine. It begins with a citrusy rose and dries down to sweet heliotrope and clean musk; overall it exudes a very fem, powdery vibe.

Raymon Monegal; Cotton Musk
gardenia, rose, vanilla, vetiver, white musk, incense

Cotton musk smells just as it should be implied. It is a freshly laundered, white cotton t-shirt that has been hung on the line to dry, accidentally left out in the rain, and then left to dry again. The florals and musk are most prominent here, lending an ultra clean vibe.

Grossmith; Diamond Jubilee
narcissus, citrus, carnation, iris, vetiver, tonka bean

Diamond Jubilee is possibly the most interesting olfactive experience of the bunch. At the start, this juice is a little pungent. I wasn't sure I'd like it, but the more it dries down, the more into it I am. There is a blast of spicy-floral, citric earthiness at the start. Carnation is a main player on my skin, it stays throughout and eventually rounds out with a little sweetness that I really enjoy. It puts me in mind of vintage makeup.

*Box provided by Scent Trunk


  1. This one was my latest box as well and it was the best one out f the 3 months subscription. And I thought it was a nice touch with a name of the person who prepared the box - it's something new they've recently added.

  2. This seems like a great product, but I don't think I can step away from Fahrenheit by Christian Dior. A long time favorite. I did find an inexpensive way to buy it recently at Google has been my thrifty fragrance finder for years and now I know where to look. Thanks for this article.

  3. I have already used the Musc by Mona Di Orio perfume, the scent is quite good with it's amazing blend of notes. But I think Sauvage by Christian Dior is the best fragrance I have worn so far. Can you please post a review on Sauvage? Thanks for sharing this review.