A Guide to Juice Reviews

I have a writer's heart, and as such, I'm constantly inspired to combine it with my passion for fragrance. My main motivation behind each review/post on Juice is to take the reader on an imaginative scent journey. The olfactory experience is influenced by factors that reach beyond the sense of smell. Scent makes us feel. It makes us imagine. It creates strong positive or negative associations that our brain will always recall in imitated situations. Often, an aroma is meaningless without a personal experience to combine it with.

My hope is that if I write expressively about a fragrance (while also giving you the facts), it will help you make an informed decision by envisioning how you might feel if you wore the fragrance yourself. I will always do my best to give you an accurate imagined sensory experience (based on how I experience a scent), which will be followed up by a list of a rating for longevity and projection.

With that said, below I'll give you my scales and and what each number means to me, so that when you visit Juice, you'll have a reliable rating system to depend on. Please keep in mind that I consider my skin to be a bit of a perfume-eater, so the length of wear and projection may be greater for you. Also, perfume ratings/reviews are very subjective. Read them with a grain of salt, as a source of entertainment, and read several of them to help aid you in deciding whether or not a perfume could be for you.

The rating system will be as such:

Longevity (measured in hours):
  1. 1-3
  2. 3-6
  3. 6-9
  4. 9-12
  5. 12+
  1. nose-to-wrist/skin scent
  2. hugger (will likely be smelled during the closeness of a hug)
  3. intimate conversation (will likely be smelled in very close proximity)
  4. casual conversation (will likely be smelled in normal proximity)

I hope this is helpful. Again, please always remember that with something as personal as scent, YMMV. There is always a possibility that a fragrance which I've praised, you find putrid (and vice versa). Also, I am always open to suggestions and constructive criticism that you feel could improve the look, feel, and/or reader experience. Ciao!

*EDITED TO ADD (8.15): I will no longer be providing a numerical rating for scent or overall. I will only provide a longevity and projection rating (I know those are things that are important to some when buying perfume). I originally started this site providing only the longevity and projection, but added additional categories after I received feedback from someone. I never felt great about it, because I believe that in writing about the fragrance, it conveys my feelings of personal like/dislike. I view perfumery as an art. I wouldn't rate a painting based on how visually appealing it is to me in numerical form. This is what makes sense to me, and I believe it suits my style better:).

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